Straw, Hay, Haylage, Silage direct UK delivery or collection


All types of straw available by the bale or by the tonne. We have our own wagons so can quote competitive "on your farm" prices. Most of our bales are large square, but round and conventional bales are available.


Large square bales, also available in small conventional bales. Occasionally round.
Usually rye-grass type, occasionally meadow. Premium quality horse hay also available.
Customers always welcome to check the quality before they buy.


Available in various bale sizes from 3 x 3 hesston to 4 x 3 hesston or round. Various qualities available to suit your requirements.


Available in 3 x 3 hesston to 4 x 3 hesston . Various qualities for sheep, cattle and horses.

Bulk Straw wagon and trailer
Bulk Straw wagon and trailer